OPTI-FREE Contact Lens Case

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OPTI-FREE Contact Lens Case is an essential contact lens accessory for anyone looking to keep their lens cleaner and clearer throughout their time using OPTI-FREE solutions. This OPTI-FREE Contact Lens Case is used as a vital step in the cleaning and disinfecting process with all of the Opti-Free contact solutions. The last phase of the lens cleaning process is allowing the lenses to remain in this case for a minimum of 6 hours to give the lens and solution a chance to work together to achieve the best possible clean. While inside the case, the contact solution aims to remove any unwanted particles and debris. As long as the case remains closed, the OPTI-FREE Contact Lens Case may also be used for extended storage of up to 30 days. After this 30 day period, it is necessary for the lens to be removed and put through the cleaning process again before reuse to ensure that the lens is clean and disinfected from any bacteria or debris that may have built up. The OPTI-FREE Contact Lens Case can be used to store soft (hydrophilic) lenses, rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses, and hard contact lenses during the chemical disinfection process. This OPTI-FREE Contact Lens Case is also ideal for anyone that is “on-the-go” and needs a convenient and portable case for traveling. OPTI-FREE strives to continue providing patients with the newest and most effective contact lens products on the market for dry and irritated eyes.Protects and stores your contact lenses

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