Contact Lens Case, Color Case, Value Pack (Pack of 12)

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Color Case contact lens cases are America’s #1 contact lens case. Color Case lens cases are perfect for hard lenses and soft lenses ( hard contact lenses and soft contact lenses ). Made from the highest quality standards, Color Case screw top contact cases come in a wonderful variety of fun colors. Color Case pack of 12 cases comes in a convenient clear plastic jar / tub with an easy open and close top making it easy to start a fresh new case at least monthly. Research shows that contact lens cases grow heavy bacteria after just 2 weeks of use. Your best line of defense is to replace your case often. Here is an easy way to remember. If you wear 14 day or 30 day contact lenses, replace your case when you start a fresh pair of lenses. Color Case Pack of 12 is a tremendous value so that it is affordable to replace your case often. And Color Case cases are recyclable. Rest assured that these storage cases are America’s best #1 selling contact lens cases.America’s #1 contact lens case

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